A new concept of public administration based on citizen co-created mobile urban services

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Open Data in Open Government

Since the first public administrations started sharing their data as Open Data, the idea of Open Government has been disseminated around the world rapidly. Involving local entrepreneurs and citizens is a key factor.  Governments have to empower businesses around Open Government Data; businesses based on intermediation between governments and citizens, easing the consumption and access to Open Data and improving the participation of citizens in the political process.

Open Innovation and Co-creation in Open Government

Open Innovation provides a framework for involving actual customers in the service and product innovation process. It can be considered as a co-creational process that facilitates stakeholder engagement and is based on the concept that companies and governments should use external ideas to develop their services in a collaborative Public Private Partnership setting. Open Innovation includes a transition from producer innovation to open single user innovation and open collaborative innovation.


Open Services in Open Government

Open services are services easy to understand and to access and that can be exploited to develop applications or can be improved to provide new value-added services on top of them. Open services management requires having complete solutions to support the development, publication and distribution of new services but at the same time solutions to manage their access (including security and payment) and validation (i.e., the possibility to test them before their usage).

User-centric Public Services in Open Government

With the increased focus on sustainability and development of Smart Cities has come the increased focus on more inclusive public administration, i.e. public administration that incorporates citizens into the planning of development activities by providing different channels enabling engagement of citizens on various matters. This has resulted in creation of the Living Labs, cities used as places where new services can be deployed and tested in a real environment, capturing the feedback from the citizens.

Welcome to WeLive

WeLive is an EU H2020 funded project, addressing ICT-enabled open government – INSO1 topic, about a new concept of public administration based on citizen co-created mobile urban services.

The project is conceived to transform the current approach towards e-government by providing a new open model oriented towards the design, production and deployment of public services based in the collaboration of a quadruple helix, i.e. research organizations, companies, public administrations and citizens. WeLive will provide a novel We-Government ecosystem of tools (Live) built on the Open Data, Open Services and Open  Innovation paradigms that is easily deployable in different public administrations and which promotes co-innovation and co-creation of personalized public services through public-private partnership and the  empowerment of all the stakeholders to actively take part in the value-chain of a municipality or a territory.

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