Design Game Session to cast new public service ideas

Our partners Tecnalia organized a Design Game session around two challenges for the city of Bilbao: Urban transformation of the environment, concretely Bilbao's riverside and Neighbourhood development.


Three new public service apps have been specified applying a Design Game dynamics. The first one and third one are similar and deal with the fact of using Bilbao's riverside as a hub of interaction for citizens and visitors through diverse events, some organized by users themselves and others managed either by public administration or private enterprises or businesses. Besides this, one of the proposed apps deals with the challenge of catering for alternative services or events for those accompanying somebody to a concrete event, e.g. a running event.


The second new app idea proposed creating a Senior Guides app, where retired people offer guided tours to visitors or locals, providing moreover insights regarding the historical heritage and past usage of Bilbao's riverside. The app does not only bring together visitors and experienced guides, but allows all of them to enrich the guiding support app with multimedia contents. Besides, third parties may announce their services, e.g. restaurants, theatres so that visitors might engage in new activities after the guided walking tour along Bilbao's riverside finishes.