The efficient use of resources hot topic at WeLive

On December 16th at Laurea University of Applied Sciences WeLive partners held a meeting and organized a special seminar in connection with the project meeting. The topic of the seminar was “Let’s make the open data provided by cities into better use”. 

Laurea WeLive team appreciates the collaboration of the three excellent key note speakers. Mr. Jorge Pérez Velasco from Tecnalia Research and innovation Institute (Spain) opened the seminar on behalf of the research team. Jorge briefly went through the needs and the challenges for citizen-driven digitalization and the objectives of the research projects. Next, the development director of services Mrs. Päivi Sutinen provided the perspective of a city; the viewpoint of the City of Espoo (Finland). Päivi promotes the idea that cities, such as Espoo, can be the platform for digitalization and innovation for the benefit of both the citizens and the city. However, this will require an extensive transformation of operational culture. The third key note speaker Mrs Tanja Lahti brought the greetings from Helsinki Region Infoshare (HRI) that enables the freely use of open data collected from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. HRI is a common open data service of the public data from the cities Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen. The idea of the general good achieved though digitalization was accepted by the keynote speakers. Yet, the reality of the efficient use of resources - especially in connection with the public service provided by the city – requires many other changes. The positive side of this transformation is that we citizens can be part of this change, participate the development of public service and especially the development of the open data based applications.