Helsinki Region

Photo by Uudenmaan liitto/Tuula Palaste-Eerola

The Helsinki Region is at the heart of northern Europe. It is situated on the south coast of Finland, and is home to around 1.6 million inhabitants, which is more than a quarter of the country’s total population. The region is one of the fastest growing areas in Europe. Its location on the Baltic Sea, its cultural climate and its green landscapes has made it a leading business area in Finland and a dynamic knowledge hub and innovation centre for new European business and politics. The Helsinki Region consists of 26 municipalities, including the Finnish capital city Helsinki.

Smart Helsinki Region

During 2014-2020, the Helsinki Region will be focusing on its strategy towards smart specialisation. The aim is to double the effects of the innovative potential of the region. Helsinki Region’s Smart Strategy has five specialisation themes based on the region’s strengths. Each theme forms an umbrella, under which actors and stakeholders, skills and projects are gathered. The themes are:

Urban Cleantech
The framework includes the energy efficiency of technologies, processes and services, solutions relating to raw materials, emission reduction and carbon footprint reduction.

Human Health Tech
Focuses on the Finnish medicine, biotechnology and health care technology and innovative care process expertise combinations.

Digitalising Industry
This priority supports industry renewal by utilising the opportunities provided by digitalisation. The key development areas are the industrial internet and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Welfare City
This priority combines the development of the urban metropolitan area and service solutions enabled by new technologies.

Smart Citizen
Innovation in Helsinki Region springs from a user-oriented, open, real-life based operating model that supports modern-day digital service systems and projects. The utilisation of
Big Data is relevant fornearly every industry.

The implementation of the strategy is an ongoing process which is carried out in cooperation with the actors and stakeholders involved, led bythe Helsinki Regional Council.