Novi Sad

Novi Sad is the second largest city in Serbia, the administrative seat of the province of Vojvodina and of the South Bačka District. Novi Sad lies on the branch B of Pan-European Corridor 10 which connects eight countries on its main route from Salzburg to Thessaloniki, and another six countries with its side routes. The European Corridor 7, or the Danube River waterway, connects Western European countries to the Black Sea. The significance of Novi Sad as a financial centre is proven by numerous banks and insurance companies. Namely, there are over 23.000 businesses in Novi Sad and dominant branches are processing industry, commerce, metal industry, ICT sector, construction industry and transport. Novi Sad is also the second cultural centre in Serbia (besides Belgrade). Since 2000, Novi Sad is the home to the EXIT festival, the biggest music summer festival in Serbia and the region. Likewise, Novi Sad is one of the most important centers of higher education and research in Serbia with numerous professional, technical, and private colleges and research institutes. In January 2015, the Mayor of Novi Sad initiated the procedure of drafting the City of Novi Sad Sustainable Development Strategy. The Strategy is to closely define the directions of the City’s development within the next five years. The document will contain the fundamental vision, strategic goals and key priorities of development. In the thematic area “good governance” or “urban planning, environment protection and infrastructure”, one entire segment is envisaged to cover the topic of “smart city“.

The concept of the “Smart City“ strategy will be aimed at defining framework for:
1. Smart City
2. Open Innovation
3. Public Administration Modernization (e-Government)
Adoption of the Novi Sad Sustainable Development Strategy is the task of the Novi Sad City Assembly, due for December 2015. 

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