Smart City Dreams Spring Party

Smart City Dreams Spring Party – this is the event that was organised on May 10th, 2017 to promote the cooperation with the City of Vantaa and our project partners Laurea University of Applied Sciences. WeLive project supported this event that was organised in collaboration with the City of Vantaa and 6Aika project and Laurea UAS. Laurea has currently over 70 externally funded research project ongoing, and WeLive project is one of them.

The goal of the event was to energise and encourage Laurea Master degree students to think about future opportunities, and to promote their concepts and business ideas on digital service co-development.


The event gathered professionals from the Cities Vantaa and Espoo, Laurea master’s students and business professionals.

Vice President at Laurea UAS, Kyösti Väkeväinen, opened the event. Ambassador Bruce Oreck continued the event by talking about the disruption and leadership sending the key message to the audience: “learn and use creativity.” His speech was followed by a second keynote speaker, Esko Kilpi (from Esko Kilpi Company) who talked about the work and co-development of smart cities. The talk was based on his recently edited report: Perspectives on New Work (SITRA 2016). After him, YC Felin, a crowdfunding expert, presented various cases of successful crowdsourced initiatives. The final keynote speaker at the event was Lari Aho, expert on open data who explained the open data and the role of open data in co-development. Lari concluded his presentation with the note that when the citizens are considered as the co-designers of the public services, the opportunity space and the resource space are connected in the meaningful way. He also stressed that the WeLive project brought dozens of digital service concepts based on the open data.