WeLive at "Cities Fab Lab workshop: designing the city"

Dr. Diego López-de-Ipiña gave a talk on the topic "WeLive: citizens who design" at "Cities Fab Lab workshop: designing the city" at University of Deusto (Bilbao) on 25 November.

He described the approach followed in WeLive during first phase of the project, first 10 months, gathering inputs from all city stakeholders in order to decide what public service apps will be developed for the city of Bilbao. In this context, the role that the tools assortment being conceived within WeLive will play has also been described. For the second phase of the pilots, stakeholder needs/ideas will be mapped into apps and exploited into real products throught the Open Innovation Area, Visual Composer, Marketplace and Analytics Dashboard components.

Check out the presentation:www.slideshare.net