WeLive Seminar - Better use of the open data generated by the cities

Laurea University of Applied Sciences, as part of the WeLive project consortium, held a WeLive seminar with the topic “Better use of the open data generated by the cities!”

Laurea WeLive team appreciates the collaboration of the keynote speakers: Mirka Järnefeld from the City of Vantaa started the seminar with her presentation: “City as the platform of Digitalization”

The City of Vantaa has already started with digitalization through several ongoing activities such as open data as support for business, wellbeing services for elderly people, citizen guidance with digital services, and e-learning. In order to leverage the potential with citizens and impact of activities, the City of Vantaa is working with collaborative working models; co-creation in real environments, through rapid prototyping and testing.

The second speaker of the seminar was Hami Kekkonen (Helsingin Kaupungin Tietokeskus) Helsinki Region Infoshare (HRI) that enables the free use of open data collected from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. HRI is a common open data service of the public data from the cities Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen.

Hami’s presentation focused on the enormous amount of already open data available and the datasets to be opened in near future. She introduced several interesting applications which have been created through the open data available. All the applications can be found here. Furthermore, she emphasized the needed change in the mode of work – namely the co-creative approach with multi-stakeholders.

As a special treat, a student voice was given to service innovation and design (SID) master’s student Riddhi Sheth to present her master’s thesis topic “How to involve users in the development of cities - the case of Vantaankoski” (within the City of Vantaa). Through interviews, site visits, trend analysis and documents, she collected the needs and demands for the city development in order to test her idea of the city that enable citizens and the environments they inhabit to flourish in transparent, responsive and resilient ways. The seminar ended with poster session in which the Master’s students shared their ideas for digital services. This co-development has been done in two digital development courses provided by Laurea UAS. The participants had also an opportunity to get familiar with the WeLive open innovation platform.